Thursday 13th July 2017

Hello again, needed a few days away. Not been great recently and I just needed to switch off from everything and just be alone. Still not feeling brilliant, a lot of stuff on my mind creating havoc but I’m better than I was (or as better as I can be all things considered). The gym was amazing, I am really glad I signed up for it – I went late, wanting to be around as few people as possible so I can be a bit less self aware and nervous about working out but, as it turned out, everyone was in their own world anyway so there was no need to worry. Already feeling the effects so that can go down as a win. Three long shifts ahead at work (the job I need to do, not the one I want to do) before I can properly relax, dealing with the public and customers when you are not feeling the best mindwise is tricky but I guess it’s onwards and no time to complain…



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